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Art with a Heart Paint Club: Registration Deadline 10/13

Join instructor Reuben Lorch Miller as we create Multi-Media Art Forms. This is a beginner – intermediate class. Observational Drawing/Still-Life Drawing: For this class, we will explore "contour drawing" as a foundation of observational drawing (drawing what we see). After making pencil still-life drawings, we will use watercolors to add color and details. Materials: 2-3 pieces of watercolor paper (or a thick drawing paper if you don't have access to watercolor paper) - you can choose the size, a pencil, watercolors (or other materials to add color such as color pencils, markers, etc), brushes, water. ALSO: Bring 3-4 objects to arrange in a still life. These will be what you observe and draw. Choose some variety in shape, size and color. Carefully consider the complexity of the objects. You may want to keep the shapes simple depending on how much of a challenge you want. You must be a CARE NYC client or senior center member to receive supplies. Register by October 13.  Contact:

Sunnyside Community Center

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